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Eating Local

Eating Local

In 2010, I resolved to become a vegetarian. It was that simple!

This year, one of my resolutions was to eat local. As we near the end of January, I’ve realized that I haven’t made any progress on that goal.

Granted, I’ve always made a point to eat at locally owned restaurants, but I could do better in the grocery department. I buy bread from Oklahoma City’s Big Sky Bread company, and I buy specialty groceries at a nearby health food store. The rest comes from Target.

But how do I buy locally grown produce in the winter? Is there any to be found? How do you eat locally in Oklahoma, or in general? I love the idea of community-supported agriculture (CSA), but I’m just one person! I love farmers’ markets, and Oklahoma has nice farmers’ markets, but they’ve got nothing on Pike’s Market in Seattle, Boulder’s Farmers’ Market, or City Market in Kansas City. Our markets are only open once or twice a week and the nearest farmers’ market shuts down in October.

I think the root of my problem is that I haven’t found more convenient (and affordable) ways to buy local produce.

Please, I’d love to hear your input on eating locally. Help!

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