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Introducing New Website Features! (More special diet categories, ingredient index, and more)

Introducing New Website Features! (More special diet categories, ingredient index, and more)

Good morning from the office of Cookie and Kate! Please pardon the interruption of regularly scheduled posts. Based on your requests, I’ve been working hard on some new features that will (hopefully) help you find just the recipes you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, the transition was not as graceful as I hoped it would be. If my menu looks wonky or all of this text is underlined, please clear your browser’s cache. Sorry about that!

Here’s how it works: You can access all of the new organization features by hovering over “ALL RECIPES” in the menu. The triangle is there to remind you that there are more options there. The new drop-down menu is designed for easy access on your computer, iPad, iPhone and whatever else the kids are using these days. You can still just click on ALL RECIPES as usual, if you want the full recipe index.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find in the new menu:

Cuisines: Asian, Greek, Indian, Italian and Mexican. Granted, these categories are very broad and none of the recipes qualify as truly authentic, but if you’re craving Mexican food, I’ve got you covered.

Diets: This is the best part! You will now find the following diets: dairy free, egg free, gluten free, gluten free and vegan, nut free, soy free, sugar free, tomato free annnnnd vegan. All of my recipes are meatless in addition to the above, of course.

If you need recipes that are, say, soy free AND nut free, let me know and I’ll create a special page for you! Seriously, it will only take me a few minutes. I hired an awesome nutrition student/reader named Jillian who helped me categorize recipes by diet (thanks, Jillian!). As always, please double check that these recipes really do work for you and please let me know if you find any errors.

Everyday: Here, you’ll find links to fast breakfasts, pack for lunch recipes and weeknight dinners.

Ingredients: Another big improvement! I created an alphabetical ingredient index by request. You can click on the first letter of the ingredient you’re looking for to see your options. I’ve also listed about ten frequently used ingredients under the index link, in case you’re looking for any of those, and of course, you can just use the search bar if you prefer.

Seasons: This is pretty self explanatory. Click on a season to see seasonal recipes.

Ok, I think that’s it! I’ll be back with more recipes soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

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